Friday, July 24, 2009

"... And much Gold..."

Moshe alludes to the fact that the Eigel was worshipped because of the excess of gold that the Jews had from the plunder at the splitting of the sea.

In hard times we could view this as a divine blessing - with an abundance of material wealth we are faced with the challenges of idolatry - because it is 'something to do'. Without it - we are too focused on praying to the true G-d that we have no time for foolish frivolities.

May we be granted all the wealth we need - but no more - lest we be tempted to pursue foreign goals.

The same could be applied to a wealth of time. In the summer months when those who are still in a school setting have extra time - be extra cautious - and watch out for pursuing "golden calf-like" leisure activities just because they are "something to do".

Hatzlacha !!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

We Have The Power !

Just a quick idea - Bilaam, prophet of doom and defilement, is blessed with the power to grant divine favor (beracha) or displaesure (kelalah).

The mouth who composed love sonnets to his donkey and never spent a moment in honest supplication to his Creator - had that power.

Just imagine - what power do we have ?!

Hatzlacha !!