Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Cosmic Wedding

So we are gonna be part of this cosmic chasuna, right ? We, Klal Yisrael, the kalla - and Hakadosh Boruch Hu, the chassan. And what's the kesuba, you ask ? The Torah !!! "Rabbi, isn't it backwards ?!" - you might say. See, the kesuba details the responsibilities the chassan has to the kalla - while the Torah seems to indicate the opposite (the responsibilities of the kalla to the chassan ) .

Two answers -
Firstly, the Torah also mentions Hashem's responsibilities/rewards ("and I will bring your rains in their time ... "[Vayikra 26:4] - and we know rain is analogous to all blessings. That's why when it rains it is a particularly auspicious time for prayer ... ).
Secondly, in order for a wife to receive the kesuba she must have been faithful to her husband. In marriage this is easily understood - but what are the conditions of faithfulness between G-d and His nation ? So our "Kesuba" first details these items. They are the structure of our marriage to Hashem.

May we enter Chag Kabbalas Hatorah with all the joy of a kalla in addition to the awesome sense of responsibility that is our part of this truly cosmic wedding.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Warning - experimental blog ahead !!

IY"H this blog finds you well and either already in chutz la'aretz or on your way. As I mentioned to you ( either by email or in person ) I am creating this as a forum to get a short geshmake vort or an idea that can make your day / week / hour better.
As the title suggests, when you feel on a spiritual down - or when you are having trouble choosing between what's right and what's easy ( forgive the paraphrase ) - all you need to do is 'tap into Torah' and Hashem will help you out. The gemara phrases this as follows - "If that lowlife accosts you ( referring to the Yetzer Hora ) drag him to the Beis Medrash" - and as we find in places too numerous to mention - the light of the Torah can bring all wrongdoing to screeching halt.
Please either leave me comments or email me directly so that I will be able to gear this experiment to your maximum benefit ( and to stay in touch !!! ). Until next time "Alu Vehatzlichu" - keep rising and succeed !